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holilday banquet room

Are you planning an end of the school year event? Inquire about including the outdoor pool and BBQ’s during your party. Click on the link below to check out our new rental rates. We are currently reserving for spring and summer. Make your reservation now to ensure availability!

Our elegant Event Spaces are available for rent by Members & Non-Members. Catering is also available. Many other areas of the club also offer party rental options to members. Call us for details or to make reservations at 503-645-3535.

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Fireside Banquet Room
The fireside Banquet room is a new space designed for large meetings and events. This room can accommodate casual or formal events, seating about 120 at capacity. Many seating configurations are available, in addition to private patio space overlooking the pool.

Charter Board Room
Sunset Athletic Clubs Charter Board Room is a distinctive new meeting space for smaller events. Fourteen people can comfortably be seated around the boardroom table, with two additional workspaces and lounge seating. Complimentary use of the club for guests on the day of your event is included.

Pool Deck
The poolside area is the perfect space for a summer barbecue. Includes exclusive use of a portion of our pool deck, seating for eighteen people and the use of two barbecue grills. Relax and enjoy yourself!

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Personal Training

personal training

Our experienced staff of Certified Personal Trainers are ready to help you meet your fitness goals! We can assist members of all levels plan fitness routines and organize healthy diets and meals. We can start you on the path to a strong and healthy body, mind and spirit.

If you need help training for a specific sport, or just need some motivation, we’re here for you. We have a large staff of Trainers, so you’re sure to find one that fits your personality and fitness needs. To find out more about our staff, click on the links below. Personal Training rates - click here

Junior Tennis

junior tennis

We offer many options for our junior players, including: Camps and Clinics for all levels and age groups. Junior Lessons: Start with Tiny Tots, then Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced. Competition heats up at the Pre-Invitational & Invitational Levels. More challenges for young players include: Exchange matches with other clubs, Junior Night, Team Tennis, Junior Ladder. Plus our exciting Junior Tournaments!

For more info, call the Tennis Center: 503-645-6713.

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Locker Rooms & Towels

lockers and towels

Our comfortable locker rooms provide members with many services, including: Jacuzzi and Saunas, State-of-the-art Tanning Systems, Showers
and Lounge Area with Television.

We also offer Daily use and/or Monthly Locker Rentals. Contact us for availability. The forms below are provided for your convenience. Please bring your completed form to the club office or a service desk.

Locker Rental Request Form - click here

Locker Cancellation Form - click here

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Membership Options

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We offer a variety of membership options. Choose the one that best suits your interests!

FIRST decide how many people you wish to include:

Family: Includes the Primary Member, plus one Spouse (or Life Partner), both over the age of 18, residing at the same residence and to include dependent children and step-children under the age of 23, residing at the same residence.

Couple: Includes two individuals residing at the same residence.

Single: Includes one individual, 15 years of age or older.

*Ask us for a quote on our “Extended Family Memberships”.

SECOND decide on the type of Membership you desire:

FITNESS - Complete use of the Facilities, except for Tennis & Racquetball.

RACQUETBALL - Complete use of the Facilities, except for Tennis courts.

TENNIS - Complete use of all Facilities, including Tennis & Racquetball.

Fee schedule for Membership Options - click here

Forms to change Membership type & other services - click here

Locker Rental forms & Towel service info - click here

Getting the Right Kind of Protein

Getting the Right Kind of Protein

Foods that contain all of the essential amino acids are called complete proteins. These foods include beef, chicken, fish, eggs, milk and just about anything else derived from animal sources. Incomplete proteins don’t have all of the essential amino acids and generally include vegetables, fruits, grains, seeds and nuts. So, if you’re a vegetarian, does this mean you can’t get complete protein? Not at all. Below is a chart listing some incomplete proteins. To get all of the essential amino acids, simply choose foods from two or more of the columns.

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Question: What exercises will get rid of saddlebags?

Answer: Saddlebags, a term we use to describe fat stored around the hips, thighs and butt, are very common in women. Unfortunately, spot reducing fat around the hips and thighs, or any other area of the body, won’t work. While you can’t remove fat from a certain area with specific exercises, you can lose overall body fat with diet and exercise. If you tend to store excess fat around the thighs, it may take a little longer to lose the fat there. Your genes and hormones determine where you lose fat so your best bet is to follow a consistent exercise program, eat a healthy, low-calorie diet and let your body respond to that. If you’re losing inches, even if it isn’t from that specific area, you’re on the right track.

Incorporating strength training exercises for the butt, hips and thighs can help you build muscle, which contributes to fat loss. Muscle is more metabolically active than fat so, the more you have, the more calories you’ll burn overall. In addition, the lower body contains the largest muscles in the body: the glutes. By working these large muscles, you’ll burn more calories while building strength.

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Harmful Effects and Symptoms of Dehydration

The Harmful Effects Result from Dehydration:

  • Tiredness
  • Migraine
  • Constipation
  • Muscle cramps
  • Irregular blood pressure
  • Kidney problems
  • Dry skin
  • 20% dehydrated – Risk of death

Symptoms of Dehydration

Here are some of the symptoms that you need more water:

  • Dark Urine – Dark Yellow or Orange in Color: Urine is generally pale yellow to clear when you have sufficient water intake. Dark color or strong smell indicates that you need to drink more water.
  • Dry Skin: Skin is the largest body organ and requires its share of water.
  • Thirst: Thirst is the most obvious sign that you’re already dehydrated. It is always a good practice to drink more water when your are not thirsty, don’t wait until you’re thirsty.
  • Hunger: Most people mistake hunger for the indication to eat more, whereas in actual fact, they may be dehydrated. So before you have your meal, grab a glass of water.
  • Fatigue: Water is a source of energy and gives you a boost in energy.

(Source: mangosteen-natural-remedies.com)

Top 11 Benefits of Drinking Water and How

Drinking a healthy amount of water is vital to your health. You can never imagine just by drinking a healthy amount of water, you gain tremendous health benefits, and sometimes you can even throw away your migraine medicine or pain killer.

Before you can appreciate the benefits of water to your health, let’s review the role of water in human body.

Functions of Water in The Body

Functions of Water in the Body

The human body is anywhere from 55% to 78% water depending on body size. A rule of thumb, 2/3 of body is consists of water, and it is the main component of human body. Did you know that your tissues and organs are mainly made up of water? Here is the %:

  • Muscle consists of 75% water
  • Brain consists of 90% of water
  • Bone consists of 22% of water
  • Blood consists of 83% water

The functions of water in human body are vital. The water:

  • Transports nutrients and oxygen into cells
  • Moisturizes the air in lungs
  • Helps with metabolism
  • Protects our vital organ
  • Helps our organs to absorb nutrients better
  • Regulates body temperature
  • Detoxifies
  • Protects and moisturizes our joints

Every cell in your body needs water from head to toe. That is why it is so important to drink enough fluid. Take for example, brain consists of 90% of water, if you do not supply enough water to your body, your brain cannot function well, and you will get headache or migraine. Hence, next time, if you feel fatigue and headache, it may be the sign of dehydration.